Filing Charges and Making a Police Report

Filing a Police Report

How is a case assigned?
All crime reports made to the Lytle Police Department are sent to the Criminal Investigation Division Sergeant for review and assignment. 

When a case is assigned for investigation, the assigned detective will contact the victim of the case within 48 hours of receiving the assigned case. During the course of the investigation, the assigned detective will contact the victim and update them on the progress of the case. When a final conclusion is reached, the detective will contact the victim and advise them the case was completed and give them the final disposition. In those instances where no information was developed for investigation or prosecution,the case will be considered inactive. Should new information be developed the case can be reopened for additional investigation.

How do I find out about my case?
If you have been a victim of a crime in the City of Lytle, you are first encouraged to contact the Lytle Police Department to make a report. If you have made a report of your crime but have not been contacted by a detective, you may check the status of your case by calling or emailing the Sergeant of the division. 

You may call or email the detective directly using the information provided below. If the detective is not available,you may leave a message, and you should be contacted soon after your message is received.

Filing Criminal Charges

How do I file charges?
Upon completion, your case will be reviewed with a prosecutor in order to determine if it will be accepted for prosecution. An arrest warrant would then be obtained or the case would be presented to a grand jury (felony offenses).