Fire Inspections

All businesses, schools, nursing homes, churches, etc. are subject to regular yearly fire inspections. Inspections may also be conducted as a result of a complaint or change in occupancy class.  Our goal is compliance with the fire code which will result in keeping our community safe.  

Upon completion of a fire inspection the inspector will provide the business representative with a written report of their findings.  If there are issues that need correction, the inspector will work with the occupant to set up a time line, certain violations such as blocked exits would require immediate attention. 

Violations of the Fire Code are criminal offenses, and the inspector can file Fire Code violation cases with the Lytle Municipal Court.

You can use the Self Inspection Guide to see if your business is up to date with the Fire Code for Lytle. This guide is provided as a courtesy and is similar to that used by the Fire Inspector during inspections.