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Historical Areas

Benton City Institute

Benton City Institute stands as a constant reminder of our origin. The institute was built in 1875 and resembles a fortress. The walls are more than a foot thick and made from yellow rock. Inside the building is plastered roughly and outside the thin slabs of irregular rock form an uneven surface.

The building was bestowed a state historical marker in 1972. Since its consolidation with the Lytle School District in 1919, the building was used at times until 1934, but has been in its present state for more than fifty years. The Benton City Institute is located on Benton City Road (FM 3175), approximately three miles out of the Lytle City Limits.

The Immaculate Concepcion Church

 The Immaculate Concepcion Church, located at the entrance to Coal Mine, is another historical structure in Lytle. This church was built in 1904. When St. Andrew’s Catholic Church was built in Lytle, the Immaculate Concepcion Church was abandoned due to its poor condition. However, the church has been renovated over the past thirty years and is now used for services.

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Gidley House

 The Gidley House, located on Lytle’s Main Street, is one of the oldest homes in Lytle and was built in 1891. The house is used by family members when they hold reunions or have business in Lytle. The Gidley family has donated their building to the City of Lytle, which will be used as a museum when all Gidley heirs no longer wish to use this building.

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