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Jul 13

7.13.21 District 3 Update

Posted on July 13, 2021 at 5:42 PM by Matthew Dear

Welcome to my webpage. 

I was elected in May 2021 to represent District 3 in Lytle, Texas. In order to serve you the best I can I feel it is important to have two-way communications with my constituents. My desire is that this webpage is a good vehicle for good communications.

My plan is to post periodic updates here and to also send them out via email to people in District 3 who subscribe for the updates. People who don’t live in District 3 can also subscribe. To subscribe, simply send an email to my City Council email address with your email address. My City Council email address is

I will use my updates to give you a synopsis of City Council meetings, to share news about things happening in Lytle, and to seek your feedback on various issues. 

Please sign up for my updates and please tell others in District 3 about them. I often say, “communication is king.” I really believe that. Let’s communicate!

Serving you,             

David Emery, Alderman

District 3