Apply for Building Permits

We are now taking building permits online.

REGISTRATION is REQUIRED for all contractors performing work. There is no fee for registration. The Application & fee will be for projects as a whole.

When submitting an application, we need a full set of plans or drawings. Also keep in mind that Council has passed an ordinance that the plumbing, electrical and mechanical contractors need to be a MASTER in their respective trade. This entails supplying the city with a copy of your master pocket card where you are registered within the state of Texas, a copy of a valid driver's license, and a certificate of insurance. (A 1-million bondage certificate of insurance is needed for plumbing contractors). 

All Commercial applications require a Fire Marshal plan review & inspection in order to receive a Certificate of Occupancy. Fire Marshal's Permit Application

The application is a step-by-step process where you will be able to upload such documents & plans. In the step-by-step process we ask that you fill out as much information as possible including the project cost on step 4, this is very important to complete our plan review. 

Please click here to register and apply for permits.