Spay/Neuter of Adopted Animals

Mandatory Spay/Neuter - March 1,2013

Starting March 1,2013, any animal adopted from our facility must be spayed or neutered.

For more information, please call 830-709-3832.

Dogs: Spay/Neuter procedure, first vaccination if a puppy or annual vaccination if adult, heartworm test (if age appropriate), fecal, and rabies vaccine. Heartworm test is done before surgery in the event the potential adopter does not want to proceed with the adoption should the animal test positive.

Spay/Neuter procedure, under 3 months of age FVRCP, Over 3 months of age FVRCP and rabies vaccine, fecal examination. Kittens need a series of two, one being provided at time of spay/neuter. Second vaccine will be at the expense of the adopter.