Mission Statement


Animal Control
The City of Lytle Animal Care and Control program was created by ordinance and occupies a unique position in the community. To fulfill the responsibilities the community has entrusted to us, we have established the following missions and objectives.

Our Mission
The Animal Control program’s mission is to balance the health, safety and welfare needs of people and animals within the City of Lytle by:

  • Protecting the rights of people from the dangers and nuisances caused by uncontrollable animals.
  • Ensuring the legal protection of animals from mistreatment.
  • Promoting and enforcing responsible ownership.
  • Providing animal related services to the City of Lytle.
  • Educating the public through presentations and public relations.
  • Responding to questions citizens may have regarding animals and referring them as necessary to the correct party.
  • Providing a lost and found service for returning lost pets to owners.

 Our Vision of the Future

We envision the day when all citizens, their property and their neighbors will be safe from the dangers and nuisances of irresponsible pet ownership.

We envision the day when animals will not suffer because of human abuse, neglect or ignorance.

We hope every pet born will be assured of a good home and care all of its natural life and spaying/neutering of pets will be a positive choice by pet owners.