Animal Shelter Volunteers

Mission Statement

The purpose and role of the City of Lytle Animal Care and Control Volunteers is to provide a source of additional resources to the work of the shelter, to be advocates for our animals, and promote animal adoptions to a forever home.

If you’re interested in volunteering you can contact Santiago Morantez, Director or Melinda Flores, the Animal Control Officer, at 830-709-3832. For those over 18 you can download the Adult Animal Control Volunteer Application (PDF).

If you are under 18 years of age use the Under 18 Animal Control Volunteer Application (PDF)

Please note, any volunteer under the age of 15 will need to be accompanied by their parent or guardian at all times if they wish to volunteer at our facility!

Animal Shelter Volunteer Program

With our new animal control facility the need arose for a group of volunteers to support the operations of the facility. Animal Facility Volunteers perform a wide range of duties. Some of those duties include:

  • Assist with paperwork
  • Bathing Dogs
  • Cat Socialization
  • Cleaning Cattery (litter box detail)
  • Cleaning Dog Kennels (including poop removal)
  • Dog Walking
  • Educational presentations - distributing good pet ownership literature, etc.
  • Facility Cleaning
  • Fundraising
  • Grooming Dogs/Cats
  • Other duties as requested by ACO or Director