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Lytle Police Department

Welcome to the Lytle PD, we will be moving into a new facility in a few weeks!

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The building was turned over to us on March 10, 2014, but we are still in the process of setting up. Opening date will be provided as soon as we can. The new facility is located on property that the city already owns  adjacent to the Public Works yard on Hester St (right underneath the  downtown water tower).  The facility is 3,500 square feet and  will be designed to meet the needs of a police department our size with plenty  of room to grow. City  Hall will be able to expand into our existing part of the building. Our size and workload have grown since the summer of 1999 when we moved from one  side of the city hall (a one room office) to our current location on the other side of city hall (a large open room, a chief's office, and two storage rooms). While we have made good use of the current situation we are now at a point that we simply need more room. In the summer of 1999 we had one computer and a fax machine and we thought we were high-tech! We also purchased a brand new Polaroid camera for each car too. Times have changed.

You can find our current and past weekly and monthly reports. Be sure and explore our pages, check out the Divisions section for lots of information on us!

Feel free to stop by the Police Department to talk to us in person about any issue or concern.

Richey Priest, Chief of Police / Fire Marshal

D. Gamez VFW
Daniel Gamez received the
VFW Officer of the Year Certificate
on March 20, 2014

  Civilian Auxiliary 5 Year Anniversary (1).jpg
Chief Priest presented certificates recognizing 5 Years with
the Civilian Auxiliary for Christi & Wayne Vaughn,
Chuck Bayne & Ernie Kroeger a the City Council Meeting
on February 10, 2014.

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The following is a link to Frequently Asked Questions not only for the Police Department, but for other departments in the city as well.


City of Lytle
14916 Main St
Lytle, TX 78052
Ph: (830) 709-3692