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We are constantly adding new materials to our collection. Below is just a highlight of a few we have added recently. Come in or view our Catalog for all our new items.


Love from Peter Rabbit

by Beatrix Potter
Easy / Beginner

Say "I love you" to that special somebunny in your life!
Celebrate all things love with this charming little book featuring original artwork.

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Eres Tu Mi Mama
by P.D. Eastman
Easy Spanish/ Bilingual

Are You My Mother? is a classic for beginning readers. A baby bird has hatched while its mother was away. Fallen from his nest, he sets out to find her and asks everyone he meets-- a dog, a cow, a plane and more-- "Are you my mother?" Children adore the little bird and are thrilled with the happy ending.

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Step Right Up: How Doc and Key Taught the World About Kindness
by Donna Janell Bowman
Easy Non-Fiction

William Doc Key had a special way with animals.
Growing up enslaved in Tennessee, Doc was sent to plantations around the state to care for sick and wounded animals. When the Civil War ended and Doc was freed, he began to dream of breeding a winning racehorse. But those dreams were dashed when his colt was born weak and sick. Although many people would have euthanized the colt, Doc nursed him back to health and named him Jim.
Noticing a level of curiosity and eagerness in the horse, Doc began teaching Beautiful Jim Key first to recognize letters, then to read, write, add subtract, and more. Doc soon took his talented horse on the road, spreading a message of patience and kindness, over cruelty to all animals.

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The Player King

by Avi
Juvenile (Chapter)

England, 1486. King Henry VII has recently snatched the English Crown and now sits on the throne, while young Prince Edward, who has a truer claim, has apparently disappeared.
Meanwhile, a penniless kitchen boy named Lambert Simnel is slaving away at a tavern in Oxford- until a mysterious friar, Brother Simonds, buys Lambert from the tavern keeper and whisks him away in the dead of night. But this is nothing compared to the secret that the friar reveals: You, Lambert, are actually Prince Edward, the true King of England!
With the aid of the deceitful Earl of Lincoln, Brother Simonds sets out to teach the boy how to become the rightful English king. Lambert has everything to gain and nothing to lose, or so he thinks. Yet in this dangerous battle for the throne, Lambert is not prepared for what's to come- or for what it really means to play at being a king.

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Ice Hockey & Curling

by Laura Hamilton Waxman
Juvenile Non-Fiction

A photo-illustrated book for elementary readers about Olympic Ice Hockey and Olympic Curling. Includes descriptions of each of these men's and women's ice sports, including the mixed doubles curling event. Readers will get a primer to some rules and athletes that may participate in the 2018 PeyongChang, South Korea Winter Olympic Games.

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Raging Sea

by Michael Buckley

In the first book of the Undertow trilogy, the Alpha arrived and the world has never been the same. At the start of the second book, most of south Brooklyn is in ruins and the nation is terrified.

Nearly everyone that Lyric Walker loves is either missing or presumed dead, including the mesmerizing prince Fathom. It's up to Lyric to unite the Alpha before the second wave of a cataclysmic invasion wipes out mankind for good.

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Defiant Heart
by Tracey Victoria Bateman
Christian Fiction

Book One of the Westward Hearts series, orphans Fannie Caldwell and her two younger siblings have spent the last three years as indentured servants under a cruel master.
Desperately wanting a better life for her brother and sister, Fannie devises a plan to secretly join a wagon train heading west. Her plan immediately runs into trouble when the handsome yet bullheaded wagon master Blake Tanner refuses to allow an unmarried woman on the train. But Frannie's determined- she'll escape and go west with or without help.

As life on the trail tests everyone's endurance and faith, Fannie soon realizes the perils of being a single woman on the frontier. Witnessing Fannie fending off one scare after another, Blake slowly recognizes how much he cares for this alluring young woman. Will Blake sacrifice his own dreams and guide Fannie to safety? Or will Fannie's stubborn independence keep her from finding true love?

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The Last Chance Cafe
by Linda Lael Miller
Large Print

Seeking shelter from the storms of life, a woman who is down on her luck finds an unexpected refuge at The Last Chance Cafe.
With acres of land and a house that have been in his family for generations, rancher Chance Qualrough has deep roots in Primrose Creek. Now, at the local diner, he is about to encounter his future. Perhaps it was fate that brought Hallie O'Rourke and her two young daughters to the Last Chance Cafe. More likely, it was the blinding Nevada snowstorm and a broken-down truck that forced the desperate single mother inside. Hallie couldn't know that she would find not just a hot meal and a few hours' rest, but the start of a new life. And Chance doesn't know that Hallie is fleeing a danger so threatening she dares not ask anyone for help. Even his kind offer of his aunt's house as lodging seems like too great a risk for Hallie.
But her fierce protection of her children wins out, and she knows she has no choice but to accept Chance's invitation. Slowly, as Chance and Hallie break down barriers of fear and doubt, trust takes hold. Hope replaces despair. And a fragile attraction grows into an undeniable passion. From the moment she took a chance with a handsome stranger in a country diner, everything Hallie has ever believed about home and family is seen through new eyes. But Hallie can never forget that just one careless word could bring back the past with full force, and could destroy all that she has made her own.

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The Little Old Lady

Who Broke All The Rules

by C. Ingelman- Sundberg
Adult Fiction

79-year-old Martha Anderson dreams of escaping her care home and robbing a bank.
She has no intention of spending the rest of her days in an armchair and is determined to fund her way to a much more exciting life-style. Along with her four oldest friends- otherwise known as the League of Pensioners- Martha decides to rebel against all of the rules imposed upon them. Together, they cause an uproar with their antics: protesting against early bedtimes and plastic meals. As the elderly friends become more daring, their activities escalate and they come up with a cunning plan to break out of the care home and land themselves in a far more attractive Stockholm establishment. With the aid of their Zimmer frames, they resolve to stand up for old aged pensioners everywhere- Robin Hood style. And that's when the adventure really takes off...

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This Old House Fun Family Projects:
15 Great Ideas That Mom, Dad and the Kids Can Build and Enjoy
Adult Non-Fiction

Easy step-by-step, 1-2-3 instructions so simple even a Dad could follow it (as long as he gets help from Mom...)
Great pro advice. Every project designed by our crew for simplicity, safety, and kid-worthiness. Online helper. Templates and videos for all the projects on

by Stuart Woods

Stone Barrignton is pulled along for the ride when a friend pursues a perilous course of vengeance.
In the wake of a persona tragedy, former CIA operative Teddy Fay- now a successful Hollywood film producer known as Billy Barnett- takes a leave of absence to travel and grieve, and lands in Santa Fe in the company of his friends Stone Barrington and Ed Eagle. There, fate hands him an unexpected opportunity to exact quiet revenge for his recent loss, from a man who helped to cover up the crime.

But when his enemy wises up to Teddy's machinations, a discreet game of sabotage escalates to a potentially lethal battle. From the arid splendor of the New Mexico desert to the glamour of Hollywood's rolling hills, it will take all of Stone Barrington's diplomacy and skill to maneuver for Teddy's advantage while keeping innocents out of the crossfire.

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Die Hard Collection


The Die Hard series is an American action film series that began in 1988 with Die Hard, based on the 1979 novel Nothing Lasts Forever by Roderick Thorp.
New York City Policeman John McClane (Bruce Willis) is visiting his estranged wife and two daughters on Christmas Eve. He joins her at a holiday party in the headquarters of the Japanese-owned business she works for. But the Festivities are interrupted by a group of terrorists who take over the exclusive high-rise, and everyone in it. Very soon McClane realizes that there's no one to save the hostages -- but him.

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