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The City of Lytle, TX - Home Page

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Pawn Shop Detail
Pawn Shop Detail

Capt. Frank J. Reyes is responsible for the Lytle PD Pawn Shop Detail. Property that is pawned in LPD jurisdiction is checked against stolen property that has been entered into state and national databases. If a pawned item is found to be stolen property, the item is put on “Police Hold” and eventually will be returned to the rightful owner after proper court proceedings take place.

If you live in another jurisdiction and believe your stolen property was pawned at the local pawn shop, contact CID at (830) 709-0277. At this time there is only one pawn shop located within the City of Lytle.

El Bufalo Pawn Shop

14620 FM 2790

Lytle, Texas 78052

(830) 772-4800

City of Lytle
14916 Main St
Lytle, TX 78052
Ph: (830) 709-3692