Complaint Process


We are a professional organization, and we expect our sworn officers, civilian employees, and volunteers to act in a professional manner. We expect our officers to treat everyone with fairness and respect. Having the public trust is vital in our ability to function in an effective manner.

File a Complaint

Phone: (830) 709-0277

It is important to understand that sometimes police officers often operate in a stressful environment and must make quick decisions based on limited information. In the event that you feel a member of our department has violated a policy, law, or acted in an unprofessional manner, please contact the Chief of Police or a supervisor about your concern. Depending on the seriousness of the allegation we may require a written complaint for us to proceed. All written complaints will be thoroughly investigated in a timely manner. Disciplinary action for substantiated complaints can range from a verbal counseling to termination.

In general, complaints regarding law enforcement officers from other agencies should be directed to that agency. We will be glad to assist you in finding the correct jurisdiction to address your concern.

Feel free to contact us even if you have a minor concern or question. Many times a question will arise about why an officer acted in certain manner or took a particular action. We would be glad to answer questions or explain actions that an officer took. In the event the action appears inappropriate we will investigate it.

Complaint Form

You can print off this form and use it to file a formal written complaint. It is not required to use a specific form but this will provide you with a template and also additional information. Lytle PD Formal Written Complaint Form (PDF)