Upcoming Library Events

I like to party and by party I mean read books

Lytle Public Library Events:
 -Story Time (Wednesdays)
-All Ages Craft Nights (Tuesdays)
-Summer Reading Program (June/July)

These events and programs are free to the public. All materials are supplied unless otherwise stated.

free WiFi at the Library

Wi-Fi is available 24/7 outside the library.  Connect to the Library Guest network to utilize the free Wi-Fi.

Curbside Checkout/ Check-In Is Available!

Log on to your account and place reserves on items you would like to checkout. You will receive a notification via phone, text, or email that your items are ready for pick up. 

Accessing your account is easy. Go to our card catalog, type in your library card number (4 digits) and the phone number you provided to the library when opening your account. Please call us if you are unable to log in so that we can assist you.

Curbside pickup. Reserve your books today!

Lytle Public Library is closed to the public, until further notice, sorry for the inconvenience. We will continue to offer curbside checkout/check-in services, as well as, modified printing services.


November is-

National Native American Heritage Month
National Adoption Month
National Diabetes Month

November’s Fun, Weird & Regular Holidays-

  • November 1 is All Saints Day
  • November 2 is All Souls Day
  • November 4 is Use Your Common Sense Day
  • November 7 is Play Outside Day
  • November 10 is Young Reader's Day
  • November 11 is Veteran's Day
  • November 14 20 is Pickle Day
  • November 18 is Princess Day
  • November 23 is Dr. Who Day
  • November 26 is American Thanksgiving
  • November 29 is Square Dancing Day
  • November 30 is Personal Space Day

A child who reads will be an adult who thinks

Story Time 

Ages 2-6 Every Wednesday  10:30 am

Story Time Dates-


All Ages Craft Night

Creative and fun crafts! Bring the whole family! 4:45 pm to 6:45 pm

All Ages Craft Night Dates-


Heart book shelf filled with books

Please call the library at (830) 709-4142, for more information on upcoming events.